Go Shawty, It’s Ya Birthday!

All I want for my birthday is for outside to open *AND to see my friends AND for Miss Rona to be gone AND student loan forgiveness for everybody but at least for the essential workers AND world peace* Is that too much to ask??

Song Inspiration: Birthday x Twista
Birthday, but make it Quarantine

Everyone who truly knows me, knows how much I LOVE birthdays! I love everything about them: decorations, surprise parties, presents, birthday cake and ice cream (bonus points for ice cream cake) – the whole deal! My work friends crowned me with the official title of Birthday Fairy. I am the person who gathers others together to decorate offices, plan surprises and host little office parties. I am the friend that will help set up and tear down. I’ll make party favors, greet guests and make sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time. I love birthdays so much that I’ve made it a tradition to sing happy birthday to my students in class when it’s their special day! They get to pick which version they want: traditional Happy Birthday with the ole cha-cha-cha razzle dazzle, the Stevie Wonder rendition or Feliz Cumpleanos.

I understand that not everyone is a birthday enthusiast like myself and although many of my birthday gestures are seen as over the top or embarrassing *especially to my students*, my main goal is to let the people around me know how special they are to not only me, but to others around them- that they matter and belong no matter what it feels like in their everyday lives. I always conclude my birthday songs with “The world was made a better place because so many years ago today, you were born, so thank you for being here!” As my birthday approaches, I started to think about how I became this way, and then it dawned on me: my mom was the original Birthday Fairy and I’ve just picked up on the foundation she created so many years ago.

When I was younger, I would start planning my birthday on January 1st (my birthday is in May). My mom would say (as calmly as she could) “London, give me until March. We can talk about your birthday in March.” March of course was still way too early, but I am so appreciative of my mom obliging me. My mom is the real MVP of all my birthday memories as a child. Her birthday is six days after mine yet she would spend SO much of her time making sure I had the most unforgettable birthdays. My favorite memories would be of my mom and I sitting on the porch mapping out my perfect birthday bash. I had a theme literally every year. She would listen to my thoughts and bring each party to life with her own little twist on it from the decorations, to the food and the party games and gift bags. One of my favorite birthday party memories was the day after my birthday sleepover. My friends were packing up, getting ready to be picked up, when my mom noticed something fury poking out of her flowerbed. She convinced us to put on gloves and try to get it out, and we pulled with all of our might. It turned out, my dog had planted a dead squirrel in the flower bed! I remember the look on my friends faces. It was a mixture of shock, fear and comedy. We screamed and laughed so hard! I had some of the best birthday parties as a kid.

To my momma, the original Birthday Fairy: Thank you so much! Your ability to create something amazing out of a thought or an idea will always be impressive to me. You are celebrated and appreciated. Because of you, I get the opportunity to share with others that same love and care that I was shown, especially on their birthdays. I love you!

This time around, as I celebrate my 26th birthday on Tuesday, May 12th, I wanted to share some of my favorite birthday memories over the years that I have shared with my friends and family.

Despite the current circumstances, I am excited for year 26! I have learned and have grown so much and I am so thankful. I thank God for another year of life and another opportunity to share my gifts with the world! Cheers to 26 years!!! Share with me your favorite birthday memories, what you did, or what your plans are (if any) this year for your special day!

Yours in Celebration & Authenticity,


7 thoughts on “Go Shawty, It’s Ya Birthday!

  1. You ARE amazing! Glad that you STILL remember your themed parties! Still laughing about that squirrel. Blame it on the dog! Happy Birthday! Love you!

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  2. Lol April Dash was a tricky little dog my she rest in peace!!!! And mama is is the true definition of the Birthday Fairy!!!


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